Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers

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My PRT Boys:
GCHS Blossom Valley Guilty Pleasure of Wild Fire ("Tony")
CH Blossom Valley Last Man Standing ("Vance")
Blossom Valley Deep Six Crime Writer ("McGee")
Blossom Valley Tony DiNozzo Jr. ("DiNozzo")
Blossom Valley Jimmy Palmer ("Jimmy")
Blossom Valley Lend a Paw of Wild Fire ("Mickey")-neutered
Am Ch Blossom Valley Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ("Sherlock")-neutered

My RT Boys:
Wild Fire's and Blossom Valley's Trump Card ("Hank")
Blossom Valley Desi Loves Lucy ("Desi")

​Gone but Not Forgotten:
Am Int Nat Ch Ultra Quest Casper the Ghost (Casper passed in September 2016)
Am Ch Blossom Valley Romancing the Ghost ("Romeo")

Placed in Pet Homes:
CH Sweet Hills Edizione Speciale ("CeeLo")
CH Sweet Hills Limited Edition ("Eddie/Gianni")
CH O'Jolly di Sutri ("Jolly" is co-owned with J. Moxley & G. Bellamy & lives with the Wolff's in Temecula, CA)
CH Lovely-Orange Zumi Gold Mask ("Krosh")
Am Ch Blossom Valley Lost in the Woods of Wild Fire (Hansel lives with the Berrymans who have his sire's sister))
Am Ch Arborlane Alvin of Blossom Valley (Alvin is deceased)
Am Ch Blossom Valley Achilles (Moose lives with sister Abby and Mike McKnight in San Diego, CA)
Am Ch Blossom Valley Arborlane Gorgonzola (Gonzo lives with Lily and the Rosses in Oceanside, CA))
Am Ch Blossom Valley Ashley Wilkes (Ashley is in a pet home in San Diego, CA)
Am Ch Blossom Valley Before the Devil Knows You're Dead (Diesel lives with Tom Betzer in Aguanga, CA)
Blossom Valley Blue Ghost (Lexy is in a pet home)
Am Jap Ch Blossom Valley Calypso Joe (Joey lives with Misako Yasuda in Japan)*
Blossom Valley Captain William Kyd (Billy lives with the Marrero's, Gina (aka Gloria), and Maggie (aka Maybach))
Blossom Valley Dirty Harry ("Harry") went to live in Brazil with a nice family with 2 boys
Blossom Valley Douglas MacArthur (Douglas lives with Nelson C and John M in Spring Valley, CA)
Am Ch Blossom Valley Gallant Fox (Foxy lives with Barry Burkhart in Buckeye, AZ)
Am Ch Blossom Valley George Patton (Georgy lives with Alisha Peacock near Provo, UT)*
Am Ch Blossom Valley Ghost Buster II (Buster lives with Jim Berkus in Beverly Hills, CA)
Blossom Valley Iron Man (Tony lives with Linda Dondero of Manhattan Beach, CA)
Ch Blossom Valley It's Now or Never (Elvis lives with Ingrid & Mark Pokrant in Buckeye, AZ)​
Am Ch Blossom Valley Kozmo Topper (Kozmo lives with Carl & Pam Smith in Long Beach, CA)*
Blossom Valley Look Out Here I Come (Kabu is now in a pet home in Utah)
Blossom Valley Mercutio (Merc lives with the Ron Daniels family in Cerritos, CA) 
Am Ch Blossom Valley Private Idaho (Spud is co-owned & lives with the Newmans in Chula Vista, CA)*
Gr Ch/Mx Ch Blossom Valley Royal Blue Sky (Royal is owned by Claudia Natera of Mexico City, MX)
Blossom Valley Sixth Sense (Charlie lives with Drew Hadra & Isabelle Alessandra in Newport, CA)
Blossom Valley Whirlaway (Whirly lives with the Pianavilla Family in Jamul, CA)
Blossom Valley Wood Cutter (Cutter lives with Susie Lindsay & Family)
Am Ch Red Leaf Whitetail Run Cal (Cal is co-owned & lives with Tim & Tracie Zietz in Paineville, Oh)*
Ch Rocky Point Canterbury Ghost ("Barry" is in a pet home.)
Am Can Ch SPR Ghost Rider in the Sky (Sky is co-owned & lives with Danielle Desaulniers in Canada)*
Am Ch Wild Fire's Renaissance Man of Blossom Valley (Manny lives with Terry and Gene Esquivel)

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