Waiting List
(Parson Russell Terriers & Russell Terriers)

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Updated 11/6/2021
email: BVRanch@cox.net
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Waiting List as of November 5, 2021

(Buyers' initials used to protect their privacy)

If you want a puppy, send me an application for review. If accepted, submit a $500 nonrefundable deposit to be on the list for puppies.  I breed based on seriously committed people who have submited deposits, but I also consider the number of applications to a limited extent, because I never know if applicants without deposits have changed their minds or have bought a puppy elsewhere.  If a person with a pending application sends a deposit later on, they get placed on the shaded list based on the date of the deposit, not the date of the application.

I take Zelle transfers and checks only -- no PayPal or Venmo
For Zelle, use my banking email: AnnetteGilliam47@GMAIL.COM
​For communication, use my doggy email:  BVPRTS@GMAIL.COM

In the Waiting List below, the shaded lines mean buyer(s) paid a deposit
The lines without shading mean I only have an application
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