Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
and (Jack) Russell Terriers
located in Aguanga, CA (east of Temecula)

(If you want a puppy from me, complete an application and return to me at  I don't accept deposits until puppies are born. )

August 23, 2016, Parson Russell Terrier Litter of 2 girls and 1 boy
Sire:  Blossom Valley Woodcutter (Cutter)
Dam:  GCH Blossom Valley Witch Hunter of Wild Fire (Gretel)
9/14/16 YouTube video at 3 weeks
8/30/16 Album on Facebook at one week

August 4, 2016, Parson Russell Terrier Litter of 1 girl and 4 boys
Sire:  CH Blossom Valley Lost in the Woods of Wild Fire (Hansel)
Dam:  Blossom Valley House of the Spirits (Blanca)
9/20/16 YouTube video at 7 Weeks
9/14/16 Album on Facebook at 6 Weeks
9/4/16 YouTube video at 4 Weeks
8/8/16 YouTube video at 4 Days
9/4/16 Album on Facebook at one month
8/20/16 Album on Facebook at 2 weeks
8/5/16 Album on Facebook at 1 day

July 20, 2016, Russell Terrier Litter of 3 girls
Sire:  CH Lovely-Orange Zumi Gold Mask (Krosh)
Dam:  Gang-Staff Caribbean Queen (Niunia)
8/31/16 YouTube video (with Zizi’s and Darla’s litters) at 7 weeks
8/27/16 YouTube video (with Zizi’s litter) at 5 Weeks
8/16/16 Facebook video (with Zizi’s litter) at 3.5 weeks
8/9/16 YouTube video at 2.5 Weeks
8/20/16 Album on Facebook at 4 weeks
7/31/16 Album on Facebook at 4 days

July 13, 2016, Parson Russell Terrier Litter of 3 girls and 1 boy
Sire:  CH Blossom Valley Romancing the Ghost (Romeo)
Dam:  CH Blossom Valley Bowery-Bravo Rascal Darla (Darla)
9/19/16 YouTube video at 9 Weeks
8/31/16 YouTube video (with Zizi’s and Niunia’s litters) at 7 weeks
8/29/16 YouTube video at 6.5 weeks
8/8/16: YouTube video at 3.5 Weeks
9/3/16 Album on Facebook at 5.5 weeks
8/20/16 Album on Facebook at 5 weeks
8/20/16 Album on Facebook at 5 weeks
7/31/16 Album on Facebook at 1.5 weeks

July 4, 2016, Russell Terrier Litter of 3 boys
Sire:  CH O’Jolly di Sutri (Jolly)
Dam:  CH Lovely-Orange Zizi Jardin (Zizi)
8/31/16 YouTube video (with Niunia’s and Darla’s litters) at 8 weeks
8/27/16 YouTube video (with Niunia’s litter) at 7 Weeks
8/16/16 Facebook video (with Niunia’s litter) at 6 weeks
8/8/16 YouTube video at 5 Weeks
9/3/16 Album on Facebook at 8.5 weeks
8/20/16 Album on Facebook at 6 weeks
7/31/16 Album on Facebook at 4 weeks

If you purchase a puppy from me, you get:  (i) AKC registration; (ii) Microchip; (iii) BAER hearing test; (iv) 3 5-way puppy shots; (v) 2 deworming treatments; (vi) minimum guarantee to 13 months against genetic defects (extendable if testing done at 12 and 24 months); (vii) 72-hour right of return and refund (except if puppy develops medical problem with new owner -- then medical costs to treat such problem is deducted from price refunded); and (viii) lifetime support and advice.  Puppies are priced $1,000 - $2,000 for pets and $2,500 - $5,000 for show/breeding rights.  Finished champions with breeding rights are more.  I try to match puppy buyers to puppies' temperaments. I prefer "pet" homes to show homes. If you want to show your puppy, you will have to convince me that you are more concerned with your puppy having a wonderful life as your pet first, rather than your reputation in the show ring. I keep the puppies until they are about 13 weeks old so they can have three puppy shots (at 6, 9, and 12 weeks).​


Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers was founded in east San Diego county, California, in a community called Blossom Valley (east of El Cajon and west of Alpine).  We are now located in Aguanga, California (east of Temecula, California and Interstate 15, which is in Riverside county, California.  Click here to learn about me personally.

I hate puppy mills, and no buyer should buy a dog from a "puppy farm" or "puppy mill" -- the terms are different, but they are essentially the same.  They keep their adult dogs in cages in buildings, where the dogs are kept on wire floors so the pee and poop go through and they can scoop the mess out from a small area below the cage.  The United States Department of Agriculture permits such atrocious practices!  They do not require that the puppy farms or puppy mills let their dogs outside to run and play.  My dogs go out into 6'x12' runs and sleep inside at night.  They do not live in cages in an anticeptic building.  Run from such sellers.  Dogs are not cattle or sheep or chickens to be "farmed"!  They are supposed to be loved and raised in homes where they are properly socialized.  Moreover, puppy mills generally do not genetically test their adults before they breed them.  Beware if a breeder refuses to let you see where their adults and puppies live.  If a breeder wants to meet you in a parking lot or at their vet, run fast!  They are hiding the way they keep their dogs.  An honest and ethical breeder will welcome you to visit their home to see how they and their dogs live.

I try to minimize genetic health defects in my puppies by doing as much genetic/health testing that is financially possible.  Breeders who tell you that they have no genetic/health defects in their lines are either lying or ignorant.  Ask them what tests they have done and if they submit the results to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.  If they do no testing or tell you that they do not need to do any testing because they have no problems, RUN from them.  Every dog has at least one health or genetic problem because NO DOG IS PERFECT.  Every breeder has had one problem or another over the years.  Look up their kennel name on the OFA website to see if they test.  We can only attempt to minimize the problems that can pop up in our puppies.

A good test of a puppy mill or puppy farm is that they do not register with the AKC.  They register with flim-flam registries that will register ANY litter or dog from ANY puppy mill.  Ask if the registry holds conformation show, agility trials, obedience tests, and other types of trials to test the working ability of their dogs.  If not, they are a sham registry trying to legitimize puppy millers.The following is a list of some of the most prevalent problems with our breed:

The following is a list of tests that can be done for the above disorders.  For my dogs, the results are indicated on their web pages:

Summaries of Blossom Valley test results (needs to be updated):

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