Blossom Valley Parson Russell Terriers
Ch Blossom Valley Sunset Boulevard
(CH Blossom Valley Romancing the Ghost x CH Whitetail Run Miss Attitude)
AKC REG # RN10996901
Breeders/Owners:  Annette Gilliam & Kathleen Reynolds
DOB: 2/27/2006
Height:  14.25"; Chest Span:  16"
Color:  White/tri; Coat:  Heavy Broken

CHIC #57173
CERF (PR-318) = Normal (06, 08, 09) (46 months)
OFA Primary Lens Luxation (JT-PLL50/44F-VPI) = Normal/Clear (44 months)
OFA PATELLAS (JT-PA223/33F/P-VPI) = Normal - Practitioner (33 months)
OFA Hips (JT-94G33F-VPI) = Good (33 months)
OFA Elbow (JT-EL33F33-VPI) = Normal (33 months)
OFA Legg-Calve-Perthes(JT-LP54/33F-VPI) = Normal (33 months)
OFA BAER Hearing Test (JT-BR319/1F-NOPI) = Normal (1 month)

Sunny was WB and a new AKC champion at the Santa Barbara KC Show on 8/26/07
under Judge Mario Renate Leme Duarte of Brazil at 18 months old.

Sunny was WB at the Santa Barbara Kennel Club Show on 8/25/07
under Judge Gay Dunlap at 18 months old.

Sunny was WB at the Torrance KC show on 8/12/07
under Judge Sue Weiss at 17 months old.

Sunny was WB/BOS at the Santa Ana Valley KC Show on 9/23/06
under Judge Margaret Mickelson at 18 months old.

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Sunny's Pedigree